Bathroom Remodel, Manchester, NH

converting a closet into a bathroom NH Bath Builders recently completed a bathroom remodel in Manchester, NH. This bathroom remodel included converting closet space into a bathroom. Because this new bathroom was very small, NH Bath Builders installed a pedestal sink and a maax neoangle shower, with a pocket door. These are all great choices for a bathroom remodel with limited space.

Maax neoangle showerOne of the things that our customers really appreciate about NH Bath Builders is we act as contractors so that the homeowner does not have to worry about anything. We find out what you would like for your bathroom remodel, we confirm these details in a written proposal. Then we have electricians, and plumbers we work closely with to get the entire project done quickly and cost effectively. Since NH Bath Builders offers almost all other services related to bathroom remodeling (i.e. framing, sheetrocking, tiling, carpentry, etc.) there are not alot of subcontractors involved in our bathroom remodels, which helps the project to progress swiftly.

Tile Shower, Seabrook, NH

Bathroom Remodel, Seabrook, NH

Bathroom Remodel, Seabrook, NH

NH Bath Builders recently completed a tile shower replacement in Seabrook, NH. This tile replacement included a good quality Kohler valve, a tiled bench, and a recessed tile shelf. The advantage to a tile shower with a tile base is that tile bases are completely customizable. You can make a tile shower such as this to fit any space available. NH Bath Builders always waterproofs the cement board behind the tile before we begin tiling. This ensures maximum protection against leaks or mold growth. Talk to NH Bath Builders today to find out how you can have the tiled shower of your dreams.

Replace whirlpool with a shower, Raymond, NH

NH Bath Builders replaced a whirlpool with this Sterling Ensemble shower in Raymond, NH

NH Bath Builders replaced a whirlpool with this Sterling Ensemble shower in Raymond, NH

NH Bath Builders has completed hundreds of bathroom remodels of all types. NH Bath Builders have added whirlpools or showers were there weren’t any, even converted unused spaces into bathrooms. In this bathroom remodel we replaced a whirlpool tub with a shower. This customer had not used their whirlpool tub in about 15 years and wanted something affordable that was more age in place friendly. NH Bath Builders also replaced the bathroom floor with Duraceramic tile and replaced the toilet with a Kohler Highline toilet. In this case, the customer opted to paint the bathroom walls herself to save some cost. Four months after we completed this bathroom remodel, the customer called us again, just to thanks us for “doing such a great job and being so pleasant to work with.”

Bathroom Remodel, Deerfield, NH

IMG_0471NH Bath Builders recently completed a bathroom remodel in a historical home in Deerfield, NH. NH Bath Builders offers solutions for every bathroom remodeling need. In the case of this bathroom remodel, a simple, functional, and long lasting bathroom. This bathroom remodel required taking the entire bathroom out, including floor joists! NH Bath Builders reframed the floor because of rot that needed to be replaced. One thing a lot of our customers really appreciate about us is that we are almost always able to predict the pricing ahead of time. We have so much experience remodeling bathrooms that we are able to predict the cost even if it is in a historical home like this with a bathroom remodel that requires restructuring the floor.

Shower Remodel, Newmarket, NH

Solid surface shower

Swanstone shower remodel

NH Bath Builders recently completed a shower remodel in Newmarket, NH. NH Bath Builders offers bathroom remodeling to fit every budget and need. This shower remodel we recently completed in Newmarket, NH, features the swanstone shower surround. Swanstone showers offer the elegance of a tile shower without the maintenance of grout. It is a high performance solid surface material, impervious to chemicals, renewable and attractive.

This Shower remodel also included a Hansgrohe shower faucet. Hansgrohe is a high quality product designed to offer a wide range of functions with a internal system that is practically impossible to wear out! Take a look at the photos of this Shower remodel below, feel free to contact us with questions you might have about your bathroom remodel.


Bathroom Remodel, Londonderry, NH

NH Bath Builders recently completed a bathroom remodel in Londonderry, NH. This Bathroom was basically our “Bottomline Package” with a few changes. There is a window over the tub wall, which NHBB replaced. NH Bath Builders has experience in almost all aspects of home remodeling, which is a huge advantage with a project like this. NH Bath Builders replaced the window with an energy star rated window. This Bathroom remodel also differed from our “Bottomline package” because instead of a vanity with a granite top, this bathroom remodel included a pedestal sink and Kohler Medicine cabinet.

Bathroom Remodel, Hampstead, NH

NH Bath Builders recently completed several bathroom remodels in Hampstead, NH. The Bathroom Remodel featured here was a typical “Bottomline” Bathroom remodel. NH Bath Builders’ Bottomline includes a new Sterling tub or shower with a Kohler tub/shower valve, Kohler Toilet, Duraceramic flooring, a locally built cabinet and a natural stone vanity top.

Sterling Ensemble installed by NHBB in Hampstead, NH.

Sterling Ensemble installed by NHBB in Hampstead, NH.


Bathroom Renovation, Brentwood, NH

NH Bath Builders recently completed a bathroom renovation in Brentwood, NH. This complete bathroom renovation was completed in one week. This is typical of our “Bottomline” bathroom remodel package. This bathroom renovation includes replacing the tub (our cost to do this is less then it costs to cover the tub over), replacing the floor, vanity, toilet and other fixtures. The “Bottomline” bathroom renovation always includes quality, afforadable products. The faucet, shower valve and light are kohler products. The tub is a sterling tub (a Kohler company) constructed of vikrell a durable composite type material made exclusively by Sterling. The flooring is Duraceramic flooring a limestone composite material with 3M’s scotchgard protection.

Take at this recent bathroom renovation below:

Bathroom Remodel, Epsom, NH

Bathroom remodel NH

Bathroom remodel NH

NH Bath Builders recently complete a bathroom remodel in Epsom, NH. This bathroom remodel was a classic “Bottomline” Bathroom remodel package. Our Bottomline bathroom remodel package offers a durable, functional bathroom renovation for an unbeatable price of 7499. The only addition this bathroom remodel had was adding a panasonic fan/light where there was formerly just a light. Fan/lights are a code requirement unless there is a window in the bathroom, but even with a window, we highly recommend having one installed. NH Bath Builders will be happy to facilitate the proper installation and ventilation of a fan  light.

Take a look below at this practical and affordable bathroom remodel we completed in Epsom, NH.




Bathroom Remodel, Stratham, NH

NH Bath Builders recently completed a bathroom remodel in Stratham, NH. This NH Bathroom remodel included an acrylic, Maax whirlpool tub, a custom built, cherry, bathroom vanity with a granite top and Duraceramic flooring. The toilet was a Toto Drake II. As you can see in the pictures, NH Bath builders is truly dedicated to offering our customers quality products. As experienced bathroom remodelers, we pay attention to details. Because when it comes to bathroom remodeling, the details are crucial.

This Bathroom remodel included contracting a licensed plumber to move the toilet drain 4″ from the wall. The toilet was originally placed very close to the wall with a wide space on the other side. NH Bath Builders are always willing to offer solutions for every bathroom remodel need.

This bathroom remodel also included tiled walls. This tiled bath shower area features white, beveled edge subway tile with glass listello. Because of our dedication to quality, NH Bath Builders always waterproofs shower walls before we even tile, just to ensure the bathroom remodel’s longevity and to prevent mildew growth.